In my work I combine a variety of media, from painting to weaving and installation. Inspired by language and science as methods for structuring information and constructing meaning, I frequently incorporate ideas from other disciplines. I investigate physics concepts relating to time and space through my installations and hanging sculptures. In my paintings and works on paper, I explore the possibilities of using simple steps to create complex structures. Employing a process of “sampling” or “surface printing”, I am interested in the ways self-organization can be used to generate new forms of mark-making and notation. My Jacquard tapestries address the relationship between visual and textual languages and the range of readings they open up to the viewer.

Certain themes persist in my art: an interest in structures, the potential of mark-making, writing as drawing, language systems and vernacular styles, and how we process and interpret visual information. By merging ideas and transforming materials, I place my work in conversation with a range of topics while inviting close reading and looking.

New Yorker Annette Cords layers texture and pattern, … (her) richly colored paintings bring to mind fabrics, weaving, plaids, and also city grids and networks on circuit boards. The work has a color-field quality because of its dense color, but the grids, whether upright or on an angle, talk to minimalism and obsession with drawing lines. Agnes Martin on peyote came to mind …

— Density Squared by Libby Rosof (Artblog, 01.17.2005)


“All That’s Solid Melts into Air”

Catalog essay by Phoebe Hoban for Cross-Coupling exhibition.

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AxD Gallery Announcement

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Installation at the Mid-Manhattan Branch of the New York Public Library.

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Tandem Mass
Installation at the Mid-Manhattan Branch of the New York Public Library.

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Overlapping Codes: Becky Brown and Annette Cords Studio Visit
“Overlapping Codes: Becky Brown and Annette Cords Studio Visit”
The Bottom Line, The Drawing Center Blog

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